Drive-In Theater Screen Savers

Yes!!! You can now download a free copy of the drive-in theater screen savers. They can be used with windows 3.1, NT, 95 and 98. The screen saver contains many images from your favorite intermission clips.

htdg.gif 8.36 K icecrm.gif 12.34 K

Screen Saver #1

Screen Saver #2

640x480 screen rez

Screen Saver #2

800x600 and 1024x768 rez


Download to your favorite directory.
After downloading, locate the file using your file manager (3.1) or My computer (95 or 98).
Double click on the file it will self extract and set up the screen saver.
Go to where you select the screen saver and make sure it is set to your new drive-in screen saver.
Chose preview for your first look!!

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